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Holiday LED Lights v.s. Incandescent Lights with Mosca Design Holiday Decorations

August 30, 2010

Holiday Decorations & LED Lights with Mosca Design

Mosca Holiday lights: Safe & Green Friendly review about Christmas Holiday Incandescent lights vs. Mosca LED Holiday Lights

Is it a bright idea to use LED lights for the holidays? George Mosca of Mosca Design has compared LED and incandescent bulbs in three sizes—mini, C7, and C9—determining how much it cost to light strings totaling 50 feet for 300 hours and 100 feet for 300 hours. George Mosca also exposed the bulbs to moisture, hot and cold temperatures for durability, and UV light, and sent each type of bulb to an independent lab that measures brightness.

Price. in the long run Mosca Design Holiday LEDS are the way to go. Per string, LEDs can be a bit more expensive than incandescents. The C7 and C9 sets have the same number of bulbs as incandescents, but the LED were brighter. In turn gives the wow effect; more to wrap a tree in C7 and C9 LEDs. Mini LED strings we tested were the same length as incandescents (25 feet).

Energy use and costs. LEDs won. They used 1 to 3 kilowatt hours of energy, compared with 12 to 105 kWh for the incandescents, saving $1 to $11.

Durability. LEDs won. All LED bulbs were working even after 4,000-plus hours, while each string of incandescents had one or more bulbs burn out before 2,000 hours. The LED bulbs were also nylon and therefore less likely to break than the glass incandescents.

Brightness. Mosca LED lights won. The C9 and C7 incandescents were five to six times hotter than the LEDs, though the mini incandescents were slightly dimmer in lighting effect than the mini LEDs.

Why should I use LED Holiday lights versus standard incandescent?
• LED lights last up to 10 times longer than incandescent Holiday lights
• LED lights can save over 85% in energy costs versus incandescent Holiday lights
• LED lights use solid state components and plastic lamp covers versus fragile filaments and glass bulbs
• LED lights generate very little heat, making them a safer, cool to the touch product

What is the difference between Warm White , Cool White and Pure White?
Warm White LED lights emit a softer light that looks like the light emitted by standard incandescent Christmas lights. Cool White LED lights emit a slightly blueish color light. The pure White LED lights emit a bright clear light that is harsher on the eye than Warm White.

Bottom line Mosca Design has been in the Christmas Holiday Lights business for over 29 years Georges personal pick is his new minleon LEDs are better for the environment; run much cooler, reducing fire risk; should last longer; and could save money eventually. But it’s apt to take more than one holiday season for the savings to kick in, and you might not realize any savings if payback takes more than three 90-day seasons. For more information on Commercial Holiday Decorations with Mosca Design call our corporate office in Raleigh, North Carolina 800-332-6798.

Christmas trees are involved in about 300 fires each year that result in 14 deaths.
Make sure the lights’ wire has a holographic “UL Listed” tag.
Discard any strings with broken sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections.
Plug no more than three strings of lights into an extension cord.
Turn off holiday lights when you leave home or go to bed.


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