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Mosca Design New specs. for Commerical Holiday LED lights

September 2, 2010
Mosca Holiday LED Lights Product Description Patented Mosca led replacement bulbs are famous with FIVE ADVANTAGES as following: Energy saving – you save more than 80% energy by using Mosca Design bulbs; Long lasting – you save labor to replace ineffective bulbs by using Mosca Design bulbs; Unbreakable – you protect environment better by using Mosca Design bulbs; Waterproof – no worry on outdoor decor by usingMosca Design bulbs; Cool to touch – no heat, no fire hazard by using Mosca Design bulbs; Colors (58) Available Solid colors Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Pink/Cool White/Warm White/Sun White  Changing colors 7 colors; Two colors (R-B; R-G; R-Y; Etc…)  Twinkle colors Single Twinkle Color Styles for 2010.  E12 bases C-7/F-7/G-20 Smooth; C-7 Lotus; C-7/G-20/M-7 Faceted, E14 bases – C-7 Faceted; E17 bases C-9 Faceted; M-9 Faceted; G-30 Smooth E27 bases – F50 Faceted; T50 Faceted; G40 Faceted technical specification details 120V AC 0.96Watts ea (220V AC & 12V DC are also available) LED quantity inside Mosca Design bulbs Welcome to contact us for other questions or new product development! !
E12 bases E17 bases E27 bases
Solid colors 3 5 10
Changing colors 1 1 9
Twinkle colors 1 1 10
Two colors 3 5 10

George Mosca questions Are Any Christmas Lights Made in the United States? Why Aren’t Christmas Lights Made in America?

The top industry experts don’t know of anyone who makes Christmas lights in the United States and neither does Google or Yahoo! so I feel comfortable saying that there are no U.S. manufacturers of Christmas lights.

The main reasons that Christmas lights are not currently manufactured in the United States but before we examine the current manufacturing environment for holiday lighting it is important to have some historical prospective.

Christmas lights were invented in the United States in the 1920’s and were manufactured here by several companies including General Electric. In fact, until the early 1960’s an American company was the largest manufacturer of Christmas lights in the world. The NOMA company prospered making Christmas lights in the U.S. until it lost most of its business to foreign competitors who were able to manufacture the light sets for less money. Because the manufacture of Christmas lights involves many process that cannot be automated, companies located in countries where manual labor was cheap began to dominate the market. The American consumer wants more for less–it’s really that simple. In order to give the American consumer the value they have come to demand, manufacturer’s of Christmas lights and other products were forced to look abroad for cheaper sources of labor.

Currently, the majority of Christmas lights are made in China because that country has a large pool of relatively cheap labor and large supplies of the raw materials needed to manufacture Christmas lights such as copper. However, this will likely change in the next decade or so as China’s economic success has pushed wages up and there is no longer such a large excess supply of labor.

My industry experts estimated that the cost to manufacture the light sets sold by Mosca Design would more than Double if it were made in the United States. This would likely price any American made LED Christmas lights out of the market.

George Mosca has demanded the highest quality & green  technology Holiday LED Lights money can buy! Mosca Design Our Mosca LED Lights & bulbs have no moving parts, no mercury, no toxic gasses, and no fragile filament to burn break or fail. There’s nothing to break, rupture, shatter, leak, and there are no dangerous materials to contaminate the environment.

Our LED Lights &  bulbs are not subject to sudden failure or burnout. A traditional Holiday light bulb like the incandescent C-7 will typically last from 1500-3000 hours, depending on the quality of the bulb.

Go direct to our Holiday LED Lights page with Mosca Design or call us direct 800-332-6798.

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