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Mosca Design topiary & Holiday Wreaths; The wreaths can be made of Artificial balsam; balsam and pine;

September 4, 2010

The Holidays Decorations & Light by Mosca Design can be so much brighter this year using ENERGY STAR rated energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED) decorative light strings. While initial costs may be more, they offer significant benefits. Energy efficiency.  LEDs use 75% less electricity than traditional incandescent light strands leaving your more money in your pocket for the holidays. Long life.  LED light strings last up to 10 times longer than incandescent. Rugged durability.  LED lights do not have fragile filaments or tubes, making them resistant against heat, cold and shock. Convenience.  LED holiday lights can be strung as several strands of lights together, making them convenient to place on a tree or home. Safety.  Are cool to the touch, reducing the risk of fire. Check out the Commercial Christmas Tree LED light displays at the

Mosca Design topiary & Holiday Wreaths; The wreaths can be made of Artificial balsam; balsam and pine; or balsam, pine, and cedar boughs, either decorated or plain.  They are 24″ in diameter, approximately four pounds, and have a lovely red velour bow and white tipped pine cones; some also have holly berries. These wreaths are of florist quality; the kind you would like to have hanging on your door to welcome friends & family during the holidays.  Once in your commercial market place or on your commercial building, you will feel the holiday spirit, warm memories of yesteryear, and the anticipation of the season.

NOTE: Below are two pictures are of the same wreath with different lighting (to show child). Wreaths are measured at the width of the branches stretched at two opposing sides.
72″ (6′) Mountain Fir Artificial Wreath, 1160 Tips, Commercial Mini Lights, Triple Ring, 4 Sections. 380 lights.

100″ (8.3′) Mountain Fir Artificial Wreath, 1800 Tips, 730 Commercial Mini Lights, Triple Ring, 4 Sections.

144″ (12′) Mountain Fir Wreath, 3000 Tips, Commercial Mini  Lights, Triple Ring, 4 Sections.

Mosca Design carries over 4000 Holiday Decorations for the Commercial market place from Hospitals,Churches,Auto Malls,Hotel & Resorts Call us today for your commercial Holiday Decorations & Holiday Lights Shows 1-800-332-6798 or visit Mosca Design Holiday Decor.

Mosca Design carries several sizes for lots of occasions, the  60-Inch,72-Inch,84-inch & 108-inch Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths will make the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decorating. This large wreath is pre-lit with 200 bulbs so you can be sure it’ll give off a beautiful glow. Choose between incandescent and LED lighting. You’ll also have several choices in bulb color and shape. This wreath can be hung indoors or out. Wherever you hang it, you’ll be glad you did.
Featuring a full line of innovative LED products and uniquely designed displays, Mosca Design appeals to tradition, modern, simple, and even ornate tastes. It is their mission to promote excellence in the holiday lighting industry. With that in mind, Mosca products go above and beyond the standard to create the best holiday atmosphere for your commercial property visit Giant Holiday Wreaths with Mosca Design

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