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How to Create A Christmas Wonderland with Mosca Design #1 in Commercial Holiday Decorations

September 5, 2010

Commercial Malls are increasingly seeing themselves as family retail destinations. They are seeing their center courts as valuable real estate, and we see seasonal holiday marketing as the content that is driving family’s to the marketplace!. Mosca Holiday decor certainly puts people in the spirit, if you have the lights and the music, it creates an atmosphere and an ambiance that is festive and conducive to shopping. Commercial Malls Decor &  Ornaments.

Mosca Concept & Design :We work with clients to define a brief. This is then communicated to our team of specialists, talented artists who draw plans, visuals and storyboards for what is needed for a Giant  Commercial Holiday Lights Show or Commercial Mall display!

Site Engineering: Mosca design have been distributing Holiday animation and animated for over twenty eight years, so engineering lies at the very heart of what we do. Our sophisticated animated characters have from 3 to 48 different movements. In order to truly bring these characters to life our highly skilled engineers work with the very latest in pneumatic and hydraulic technology, in turn enables our characters to move their limbs in the most realistic manner.

Durability is essential, so we use only light-weight, high strength materials. All our high quality mechanical components and mechanisms are proven and tested.

Mosca Install: For many years Mosca Design have supplied decorations for the biggest shopping centres throughout the all 50 states over 28 years. Our team of licensed equipment operators will tackle anything, however stubborn or complex it may be we are the team to cope. All aspects of the Commercail Holiday Lights or Giant Christmas Trees are handled by our own staff! Without state of the art technical.

Installation: our characters, grottos, rides and theming cannot come to life! So we have invested in the best technology and expertly skilled engineers.  Giant Commercial Trees  All of Mosca Design Giant Christmas Trees Feature: Available in sizes from 14’ to over 100’ in height. Well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Two foot high concentric steel rings make up the entire conical shape of the tree. This type of design allows the tree to be continually grown, year after year by simply buying more rings and branches.

Mosca Custom Holiday LED Lights: All of our systems are built in-house so that they can easily be adapted to your unique requirements. We have a solid state computer controller with media sound technology and in-house electronic 8 PCD design. Control systems can be interfaced with your existing house system!

Mosca Designs uses equipment that conforms to the highest electrical and safety standards and who are fully insured when working on your premises. You will enjoy peace of mind as well as the confidence that your commission is being carried out by total  Professionals. Time and time again shopping centres managers express their total satisfaction with the high quality of our installations.

These include conditions surveys, structural measurements, movement monitoring, such as for cracks and subsidence and investigative exploration. Anchors – location and testing, cable trays & ducting, signs, advertising and decorations, cladding and glazing, access safety systems.

Mosca Design has over 4000 Holiday Products for all types of Retail, Hospitals, Resort Hotels, City Centers; George Mosca’s design team can custom design to your commercial holiday decorations to the Small Business owner to Corporate America! Talk to the founder of Mosca Design about Holiday Decorations and Light pole decor! Call today 1-800-332-6798.


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